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Officer loses job over ‘sex show’, a Philadelphia police office with 11 years on the force is being fired for conduct unbecoming an officer and lying during a departmental investigation.

Internal Affairs found that [Norberto] Cappas, in September 2003, ordered two women who were locked in a cell in 26th Police District to kiss and touch each other and expose their breasts.

I’m not as amazed at the conduct by the officer, while living in Logan Circle, our condo building’s driveway was a common place for plainclothes officers to detain prostitutes. My window was right nearby and on some nights those officers were pretty disrespectful to the women. Sure they’re breaking the law, but you caught them, no need to further dehumanize them, they get enough of that from their customers.

But this happened in 2003 and finally 4 years later is the officer suspended and then fired?! Sounds like the Blue Wall of Silence is alive and well in the Philly PD.

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