This movie made me sick to my stomach…

Justin and I watched Sicko last night. I know some people have seen it and others have no desire to see it. I wish that there were a Cliffs Notes version of the film, because it makes some very important points and gives one a lot to think about. For those who don’t plan to see it at all, I can sum it up in about 35 seconds of footage below, transcript follows:

Dr. Aleida Guevara
Che Guevara’s daughter
(ok, that is typical Michael Moore’ism)

Cuba is a little island in the Caribbean with little to no resources. We can do a lot to improve the people’s health. This does not happen in the United States. Why are we able to and you are not?

There’s something to notice there, because the more a country produces, the richer it is, the better it should take care of its people.

It’s a film worth watching, even if you don’t go out to see it, it has an important message.

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  1. shindo says:

    I just saw it last night. That clip you showed is very telling. I don’t want to give it away everything, but it was funny to see him try to interview people in Canada, France, and the UK from an American perspective and to see their reactions to his Q’s.

    In The Corporation (a must see if you’re going to watch Sicko or any other Moore film), Michael Moore says in an interview that the rich man will sell the rope to hang himself if he thinks he can make a buck off it. He points out his film distributor is a corporation that lets him do his message not because ideology, but because they know they’ll make a buck. It would be something if Moore’s film incites action rather than leaving people pent for a while and doing nothing about it.

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