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The musical Rent always seemed to be walking a weird line between pandering to and butt-kissing its imagined audience, and simultaneously sneering at the people who actually had a hundred bucks a seat to spare in order to see it. It seemed to be saying, “The middle class and everything it represents sucks, man! (But not you! You’re different!)” It’s the musical that wants to have its low-budget ramen noodles and eat them, too.

His entire assessment is quite good, but the above statement pretty much sums up how I felt about the stage play. One of my friends told me that seeing it would remind me why I wanted to be in theater. I’ve still never seen the stage show and have no plans to see the movie. I’m sure my gay card will most certainly be revoked for it, but I can go back in time and show them the four copies of the soundtrack that I owned at one time (people really went for the gayobvious present on my birthday that year) and say “Wait, I’m one of you, really! This is how much I clearly love the show…”

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