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Letter From Fed-Up Metro Rider

This letter came in on Aug. 1 from an Arlington commuter who gave up on Metro. He starts off describing a particular incident, but it wasn’t this one thing that led him to switch to his car. I’m a big fan of transit, but I know that day-after-day crowding and delays on Metro wear people down. See what you think of a fellow commuter’s thought process.

I’m not including the letter since it’s all up on the Post’s site. It was forwarded to me by a co-worker this morning and it’s an interesting read, but I didn’t know why she sent it to me… until I got down the bottom and saw the name of the submitter. I work with him, he’s the other ‘mo on the contract, and it’s very interesting to see how he portrays himself here as opposed to what I’ve experienced of him at the office.

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