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(T)Raumschiff Surprise - Periode 1 movie posterI may have mentioned this film before, probably just to a few people via IM. I’m fairly sure it was shown at last year’s One in Ten film festival: (T)Raumschiff Surprise – Periode 1.

Dreamship Surprise [English title], a box office smash in Germany, is an irreverent spoof of the sci-fi genre from Star Trek to Star Wars. In the year 2304, the Martian colonies wage war upon the Earth. Our only hope against total annihilation is the prissy crew of the Dreamship Surprise. Unfortunately, they’re much better suited for the Miss Waikiki beach contest than interstellar heroics.

Sadly, I missed it when it was in DC, and I only heard about it from seeing a snippet of video “Space Taxi” from the film on YouTube (which I can’t seem to find now) and it looked hilarious. It also looked to be completely in German, a quick lookup showed that the DVD release also has no English language track either. I found a copy of the movie via the internets, and found people that had made subtitle files for it, but they didn’t sync up properly the further into the movie you went. Being a few seconds off really adds up! Well last night I finally had some success finding a file with proper subtitles to match. I combined the two, converted it for TiVo and it’s ready to view sometime this weekend. I’m not expecting a movie of quality, but I’m sure it’ll be good for more than a few laughs. The trick will be creating a DVD of it with the subtitles included, too.

The other evening I saw a friend I used to share sci-fi circles with walking down the street and while it was good to catch sight of him, I’m really kinda pleased that I didn’t catch the “sci-fi spread”. I’m sure it’s only a bad thing to me, but I never found it good to be around people that don’t discourage some bad habits. I love my gaming and my sci-fi, but I also love getting off my ass and moving around once in a while.

And since I couldn’t find a suitable video of the movie to share, I’ll just have to inflict this upon you: BearForce 1 — the world’s first all-bear synth-disco “boy” band. I know they say don’t judge a book by its cover, but what if, like Colton Ford’s “singing” and possibly BearForce 1 as well, the book only wants to be judged by its cover?

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2 Responses

  1. Chris says:

    That one who’s singing needs to get kicked out — I see actual muscle development there. *tsk. Clearly they’re applying a rather liberal interpretation of what constitutes a “bear.”

    • Brian says:

      I think “bear” is just hairy and self-identifying these days. The bears that couldn’t stay huge for whatever reason started working out and slimming down, and the bigger bears wanted a way to still admire them as hot without admitting they liked a non-bear… hence “muscle bear” was born! 😀

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