He’s raising hell.

My father called a little while ago with an update on my brother. They removed the feeing tube and he’s awake and “raising hell” which likely means he’s really talkative and assuring people that he’s “fine”. My uncle says that he looks leaps and bounds better than when he came in. I hope that means that it’s not as severe as initially thought. My brother and I are what would be called “bad patients” — we don’t like being sick and we especially don’t like being unable to go about our normal routines. I hope he won’t be off his feet for long and that he won’t need any lengthy physical therapy, if he does, I pray that his PTs are very patient people. 🙂

I will be flying down to Atlanta and back this Saturday, my father’s working on getting me a flight out in the morning and probably one of the last flights back that night. So Brian and Felissa, I will be down that way, but I don’t have details on where he is. My father told me when he first called me, but I wasn’t really focusing then. I’ll get in touch with both of you, though I don’t know that I’ll be able to hang out or anything.

Honestly, I’m not very good with hospital visits. I’m fine with sitting and talking or watching the tube, usual stuff. But generally my family isn’t in a hospital unless it’s an older relative that’s pretty near gone. Plus I haven’t been back to Atlanta since… oh wow, ’91 or ’92 maybe? And I haven’t seen the family there in quite some time. Yes, I know I take Generation X/Black Sheep of the Family to the extreme, but that’s the way things are.

But he’s on the mend, so I’m sure by the time I see him, he’ll be shrugging the whole thing off as a minor incident. 😛

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4 Responses

  1. Brian says:

    Yay! Glad to hear about your brother, for sure–it’s definitely a good thing.

    My guess is they took him to Grady, since they have the best trauma center around. You still have my cell, right? If you want to grab a cup of coffee during the day to just get out of the hospital for a bit, let me know and I’ll swing by. I know exactly how it is with hospitals, believe me.

  2. Esprix says:

    Wow. I had no idea your brother was in bad shape in the first place, but yay for him on the upswing! I hope everything works out. Try your best to enjoy spending time with him. Maybe he’ll be interested in playing with your iPhone? 😀

  3. Felissa says:

    Glad to hear that brother is doing better. Its always a good sign when patients are raising hell in the hospital ! I echo Brian’s sentiment. If you want a breather / cup of coffee or a drink… definitely get in touch ! I would love to see you. Email me for my cell phone number. I can’t remember if you have it or not. If nothing else send your family my regards .

  4. Neal says:

    Glad to hear your bro is on the mend. I hate visiting hospitals as well. Its a shame you’ll be in town and no time to grab a bite. Maybe next time.

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