The Rainbow Moose says Happy Holidays!


I hope everyone is having a good holiday, whether you’re going to celebrate, or already have or if this is just a few days off for you to sit back and watch the world go nuts over a silly holiday. I head out of DCA this evening and come back in a few days to time off until January and I am going to enjoy it as best I can. I’ll probably engage in a little shopping for post Xmas madness when I get back, but aside from a quick trip for cards and gift cards yesterday (brother’s birthday and parents’ anniversary this weekend) I haven’t had to set foot in any retail temples and it’s a good feeling.

Today it’s been all about packing and prepping the electronics for the trip, converting movies for the iPhone, adding new music to the iPod, charging up the camera battery. I’m not even bringing my laptop and still I feel totally geeked out. (I know, I know, that’s mostly unavoidable for me at any time)

And since travel is the theme of the day, here’s a little quiz to keep you busy/drive you crazy: Traveler IQ Challenge. Everyone have a great couple of days, be safe and stay sane!

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