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I said it first! Well the Express came to the same conclusion I did, a little late tho. Baby wig! I’ll take the scoop credit in silence, seeing as how I’m just a wee journal and they’re all widely distributed and all. I changed the look of the journal again, I felt like a change, though it feels a little dark to me, I have a hold of the graphics files, so I can alter it if I like assuming I develop some form of graphics skills — unlikely. Still, how could I not love that “pull” tag?

Last night was fun, dinner with my father at Zola was good, the ambience was a little on the cold side. For some reason I was thinking it would be a little more hip and fun, not hip and austere. Our server was good and cute, except that he charged us for a bottle of wine we didn’t order. Aside from that, the meal was great, I got the lobster mac & cheese and it was fantastic. Dad got seared scallops and these things were huge, I think he was skeptical when the plate came as it looked kinda small, but by the end of the meal he said he was stuffed. After dinner and a good chat I got him a cab back to his car near the convention center and I shuttled over to Dupont to meet Jhim at Fab Lounge for a drink or two and we headed down to Omega to meet up with some others.

It was a fun evening, but I got in after 1 and while it was a little nostalgic of the days when I was out every single night of the week, I can’t do that to myself all the time!

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