The new (i)Pod People

It’s like seeing the white earbuds all over again. Now I see other iPhone headphones wearers, identifiable by the mic capsule on the wire. Often there’s a little nod and a smile, but other times there’s no real recognition. It’s like when drivers of a similar make & model pass each other on the road.

What’s more interesting is when people find out I have an iPhone. It’s never because I’m being flashy with it, they just might see me take it from my bag or listening to music on my desk. After the question or declaration of, “You got an iPhone?/!” the next comment is almost always either, “When did you get it?” or “How much did you pay for it?” Both of those statements really asking the same thing with the querent really wanting to pounce on me for being an early-adopter, or for being duped into buying it at the higher price. I tell them it was a gift from my brother and many visibly deflate with an “Oh…”

Then they seem to want a complete technical demonstration of the device, since I generally only let my friends actually hold and “play with it”. If we’re in the office, I’m pretty safe since nearly all cell phone signals are completely blocked in here, I can’t really surf or make calls very well. I’m happy to show people around it, but at the same time the comments and questions are still a little like a mini-interrogation, “So you really like it, right?” – “But is it really better than your old phone?” – “Isn’t it kinda big?” – “Do you really use it for music and video?” – “Isn’t it hard to use the keyboard?” I can’t sort out if they’re asking to know, or just trying to convince themselves they’ve made the right choice in not buying one.

Of course there are the haters as well, that want to enlighten me about the angry apple consumers, how silly it is for everyone to get excited over a dumb phone, how the price point is outrageous, how happy they are that people got bilked on the price drop and how apple is the anti-christ, etc. I get it guys, really… don’t be hatin’.

Oh yeah, and the ever-present: “Do you have videos on there?” – “Can I see?” – (then in a hushed voice) “Do you have any porn on it?” — that doesn’t annoy though, it just makes me giggle. I feel like I should put some scenes from Chained Heat on it, just for laughs.

Personally I’m happy with it, the interface is just fun, clearly someone put a lot of thought into it. I still grin when my music fades out to accept the incoming call and then comes back after I hang up. My main beef is that the EDGE network is pretty slow for surfing, and that AT&T is not a cell signal leader in the DC area. I do miss being able to use SMS in the metro, even on Verizon dropped calls were the norm underground. But there are a lot of places that appear to have wifi access points, but are nearly all using a Cisco wifi login. If I were staying for a while at the hospital or in a hotel, it would be worth it to ask someone, but when I just need a quick set of google directions, I’d rather you kept your wifi AP hidden from passersby on the street. I can’t deny that right now a major drawback of my current workplace is that my cell phone barely works at my desk. If I angle it just right, it will pick up a signal, but I can’t move it at all or it drops the call. So. Annoying. πŸ˜›

It’s still the same device of which I said, when I first saw it released during the keynote, “That is the future.” There are still things I’d like them to add to it: the ubiquitously requested cut & paste, voice dialing or at least voice announcement of incoming calls, and for them to open it back up a little. Not necessarily to SIM-unlocking, but a lot of the 3rd-party, pre-1.1.1-valid applications were really innovative. Still, it’s a fun and nifty little device, people are developing more web-based applications and I have hopes that iPhone 2.0 will incorporate a lot of the user-feedback that’s been out there since the release. Of course I’m sure that when it does come out, people will complain about their currently-owned phones, assuming that there aren’t any firmware-based updates available. πŸ™‚

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3 Responses

  1. WujenMichael says:

    I want one so badly. But, sadly, I must wait until the price point has dropped quite a bit. Sad Wujen. Wujen never has anything nice.

    What am I typing on? A brand-new macbook? Oh. Right. Um. I take that last comment back. πŸ˜‰

  2. I’m very happy with it too. I’ve noticed people on the subway with the mic buds as well, and it always brings a out a little smile. Almost like a secret society…or a cult.

    I used the Wireless iTunes Store, and it worked pretty well. I hope they update it with some substantial apps, though, since they are locking it down.

  3. lolypup says:

    Makes me wonder if its hearing aid compatible or if it comes with a t-coil loop. The nice thing about their I-pods is that they are compatible with t-coils but the phone, hmm I need to look into that!

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