(And So Can You!)

I’m trying to be sold on this, really, but it’s just kinda ok. I think maybe his character is starting to wear on me a bit. Still, he’s a very good book narrator, so it is working on that level. I’d love to see Colbert and Al Franken work on a project together. And he did give some work to Amy Sedaris and Paul Dinello on the audiobook, so that’s something to admire.

Otherwise, it’s totally a Friday. Working and trying to get some projects out the door. The team enjoyed a nice field trip for lunch, and I’m looking forward to a relaxed evening. I’m glad for the cooler weather today as it gives me a chance to try out the lightweight sweater plus polo shirt combo, and it’s a good one! It works well in the 50’s in the morning and the 70’s in the afternoon.

I’m hoping for a nice quiet weekend, for the most part. I have TiVo to catch up on, old BBC shows to watch and maybe format for DVD archiving, some new music to listen to and if I’m lucky a little sunshine to enjoy in between putting my apartment back together.

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