Füd, Glorious Füd!

Roasted Tri-Tip/Bottom Sirloin with Klamath Pearl Potatoes

I really should have picked up some red wine to go with this meal. I’m all for health, but water just was not cutting it. I picked up the cut of meat at Trader Joe’s when I was out near Bailey’s Crossroads tending to Justin’s cats. I really have to try making it there more often, either via zipcar rental or a lot of patience with the Georgetown TJ’s. The last time I was there on a weekend, the line had snaked all the way from the registers around the inside loop of the store and the place to start standing in line was right near the entrance! Problem is, it’s worth it, the food there is food, they have a lot of natural and organic options, and in many cases it’s cheaper than the bigger name supermarkets.

A good commitment to trips there and local markets, farmers and otherwise, will go a long way towards getting healthier options into my kitchen.

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  1. supervenusfreak says:

    As you probably know, I do love TJ’s here, mainly for the reasons that you mention. I just wish that there was a local one here. It would make my grocery shopping so much more easier.

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