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Life of Brian: Bugs

To be clear: I do not like bugs. I do not hate bugs. I do not fear bugs. I respect bugs. Growing up in the suburbs, they were everywhere. And I’m using “bugs” as the blanket term for all creepy...


Nigella’s Cozy Kitchen

In what I’m sure is a promotional move for her latest cookbook, Nigella Lawson has penned a short article for the Wall Street Journal on her essential cozy kitchen. ‘Kitchen’ is probably one of the most evocative words in the...


video: my saddle’s waiting!

Sometimes, there’s stuff I have to share, but don’t really have much comment to add. Not quite “presented without comment” but some things speak for themselves.


moving: all done!

Well… almost. As I stepped out of the shower today, I realized that I didn’t have my bathrobe… which is still hanging on the 3M hook on the back of the bathroom door at my old apartment. Hello, after-work errand!*...


food: a “new” classic roast chicken

As much as I rant and rave about how Food Network–and most televised food shows, really–has lost their way, it can still be very dangerous for me to watch it on an early weekend morning. Even though her new series...


food: for the shorties

After a long day at the office, it’s rather nice to know you’ve got a good comforting meal awaiting you. This recipe for BBQ Beef Short Ribs done in the crock-pot is my equivalent of coming home to an easy...


food: I’m in love!

So ok, I’m not making a big fuss about today, really… I’m not. I was happy to chill out at home, enjoying the weekend and doing some chores, no big deal. Mo’Bo*, however, had other ideas and decided to make...


food: wings, ’nuff said

So I bought a bunch of wings for the Superbowl, I figured I might watch it or not, but at least I’d have an appropriate snack either way. Since that day was in the 50s, I was out all day...


food: a tasty trilogy

It’s been quite the day today, but sometimes it’s all worth it knowing you’ve got something tasty to come home to. This was truly slow meets fast, as the pulled chicken sat all day in the crock pot while the...


food: the good, the fast and the ugly

It certainly starts out from good looking ingredients, no? In my constant trying and testing of kitchen gadgetry, I’ve recently become a fan of microwave steaming bags. They’re made from “food safe plastic”–kind of odd, they’d explicitly state that and...