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Wonder Woman as designed by Leanne Buckley Blog shilling time again: Project Rooftop. I don’t collect monthly comics anymore, they just take up too much space. Hell, I haven’t even managed to sort through the ones taking up space in my apartment now. I’ve heard that Marvel is doing digital comics now but I haven’t looked into any of that yet.

Project Rooftop is basically a superhero costume makeover site. People submit redesigned costumes for comic book characters, usually very well known ones. They occasionally have contests, like the Wonder Woman Wardrobe War for which this design by Leanne Buckley won Most Fashionably Fabulous! [full-sized image at Project Rooftop] There are some other great designs there, with award names like: Saturday Morningest, Asskickingest, Most Twirliest as well as Best Hairstyle or Best Classical Influence, it’s a really nice crop of interpretations of the Amazon Princess.

They’ve also done a Supergirl Week, a Bart Allen (Impulse/Kid Flash/The Flash) Week in honor of Mike Wieringo’s passing, Power Pack, Ms. Marvel, Chemo, and The Teen Titans — even Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy to name a few that can be found in their archives.

I love having the occasional entry from their site pop up in my RSS feeds, it’s like getting preview pages from a What If? or an Elseworlds title every other week. And to paraphrase Ina Garten, How cool is that?

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