TuneCore: 34 Stars

Just a quickie here. TuneCore is giving away 34 free songs. From what I can tell after a quick trip around their site, they help artists distribute their music in both physical and virtual stores. But in a way that’s more beneficial to the artist than trying to go with a “big label”.

Visit the site to generate an iTunes store code, expires 30 Sep 2008. It will download 34 pre-selected tunes by TuneCore customers, it isn’t 34 free “u-pick-em” songs. But some of them are quite good and others may be tossed after a listen.

If not for this offer, I would have never owned “Let Me Borrow That Top” by Kelly. I didn’t even know she (he?) had an album out for purchase!

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  1. Peter Wells says:

    He’s a he, actually. Great guy, too, had dinner with him once when he was in town performing as “Kelly” at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater.

    Thanks for the kind words, and yeah, that’s what we do, digital delivery–worldwide distribution without signing you to anything, taking your masters, taking a percentage or any of that stuff. Much better deal for the artist.

    Holler if you have any questions. Thanks again!


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