Still not quite sprung yet

3/30/08 07:01

It’s still a little chilly out there this weekend, but the blossoms around my neighborhood are peaking. I was up on Capitol Hill earlier today freezing my tush off and the trees along Pennsylvania Avenue are still keeping their petals to themselves. I had considered heading downtown yesterday, but a little research showed that there really was too much going on and staying in seemed a much better option.

It’s been a pretty slow day, I was up early and at the grocery store. I am definitely doing all of my shopping at 8am Sunday morning! The store was blissfully empty, I was in and out of Safeway faster than I think I’ve ever been. I met Tim over at Eastern Market and aside from getting a nice little hunk of parmesan-gouda, I got away without anything else. A quick breakfast/brunch at Mr. Henry’s and a short walk, due to the cold, and it was back home. I upgraded my WordPress install which is the main reason for this post and it seems to have gone off without a hitch.

I’m attempting grilled lamb chops for dinner tonight, but in the meantime I think I might do some reading and some gaming and be happy that I am not outside in the windy chill. The joke is usually that DC gets about a week of Spring and then it’s straight away into Summer. It seems like this year we’re going to have a slightly more extended Spring before we become the swamp. It’s not that I miss heading into work already having broken a sweat, but with April around the corner, I don’t exactly expect to head out into 35° weather for a morning walk to the store! 🙂

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  1. Sterkworks says:

    How beautiful. It is snowing here today. Soon Utah will have blossoms too.

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