Damn MMO sucked me back in!

City of Heroes released a new update yesterday, Issue 11. New powersets, a new type of quest allowing characters to go back in time and replay previous missions and arcs they may have missed, and new costume bits including hairstyles and the biggie for a lot of folks: weapon customization. Even though I usually get tired of the CoH repetitive grind, same missions over and over and a lack of change in the game world in general, I gave it a shot. I even tried a scrapper with the new powerset of Dual Blades, and I have to say that I am hooked. I didn’t play this much on test, so I wasn’t aware of how the new powerset worked.

So I’m choosing my starting powers and I see, “this power is required for the Weaken combo…” What? Combo?! I’m more intrigued now. I get out on the streets and after a few levels see that as I complete one successful attack, another is highlighted, then another. If I use the attacks as indicated, the 3rd one hits and delivers a buff (bonus) to me or a debuff to my opponents. That was it, I was hooked. This is mainly due to my old school gaming, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, the expansion set that introduced me to the Assassin class. My first experience with fast dual-weapons, charge-ups and finishing moves — I called her my little Bionic Cuisinart, so much fun!

I’m not sure the City of Heroes experience will be quite the same, but I managed to get 8 levels in a few hours last night and haven’t ever had fun like this with a scrapper before now. Close quarters combat in these games usually isn’t my forté, I prefer devastating or weird attacks at range, but I gleefully dove into mobs 1 or 2 levels above me and started slicing with dual sais. Much more fun than I had expected.

If you’re out there on Infinity, look for i X i (i11, get it?) — chat handle @urban bohemian. 🙂

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