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I should take steps to block all retail websites from my home and work computers. I have spent a metric assload of money these past few weeks. I can justify it as stuff that I need, but it’s really stuff that I want. And due to the magic of quick shipping, this is going to be a good week for office goodies. I’ve got a Kurt Kinetic bike trainer on the way, a new iPod (yeah, I splurged).. and a new bed coming next Weds. Unbelievably, I’ve still got money left to pack right back into savings, though I will probably need new sheets, right?

It was a pretty quiet and easy going weekend, did a lot of cleaning up around the house, focusing a lot on the bedroom, naturally. I was using underbed storage, so I had to pull all of those boxes out since the new bed will be platform. I use risers, so if I *really* wanted to, I could raise the new bed off the floor too, but I’m trying to be better about using the storage space that comes with the apartment instead of just cramming everything in like a crazy person. I also worked on cleaning more of the living room since I’ll have to put the old bed hardware in there until I find someone to take it, or put it downstairs for the bldg maintenance staff to throw out. Possibly someone on craigslist would want it. And there’s the boxspring… I’ll need some help with getting that out of the building, since if I recall, it didn’t exactly fit in the elevator. But it’s light and I think we just brought it end over end up the stairwell. I could use the exercise anyway. And I will be exercising with the bike trainer. My friends have full permission to give me crap about it if I slack off. Just be mindful that you open yourself up to scrutiny as well. *grin*

Saturday evening, Mike, Mike and Josh joined me for steaks at Annie’s and then drinks at Halo. I had thought that maybe we might go dancing or see a movie, but it was fun to stick with the low-key vibe of talking and boozing and we had a great time, even if I did wobble home afterwards. I remember chatting with Jack (and maybe Raine too?) on IM on one monitor while Dr. Who was on the other monitor and then passing out sometime shortly after that.

Sunday morning, I somehow managed to get up early and wait to play with the SCA group in CoH. It was a fun run after people showed up, but I think between the MMORPGs and regular games I want to play, I’m spreading myself too thin. I’ve joined 4 concept/themed supergroups and barely have time to split across all of them, not to mention my poor WoW characters that have been neglected, so I might have to stop playing with one or two groups just to get back a little sanity, a little free time, and to allow the characters to actually advance! I love the groups that have scheduled times, but I don’t have play that many characters at once, so it’s hard not to log on with the toons belonging to some groups that are trying to get everyone to advance at the same rate.

And last night our team had a kickass game bowling, Jenifer bowled a 191 (which she is still going on about) and we made a few solid placements in the top team and individual rankings for the season overall. Now we just have to hold those positions until the season’s over, which frankly, can not come too soon for me. I really enjoy bowling, but the weekly schlep is really wearing thin on me. Public transportation is great for getting around, but until I can find a bowling ball bag with a long enough handle that I’m not slouching to roll it around, it’s just a pain in the ass trying to navigate DC sidewalks and the metro system, especially at a high commute time when people aren’t inclined to get the hell out of each others’ way. Plus a lot of the good restaurant nights, happy hours and 1/2 price burger nights are on Mondays! *wah*

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