Just finished Battlestar Galactica… all hail the emotional power of the phrase to be continued.

I’m also a little bummed because my mac mini, for some reason, has decided it doesn’t want to start up, when it seemed fine this morning. It should still be under limited coverage though, so it’s all good, just annoying. Thankfully my music is on an external since I can’t exactly access the hard drive in the mini-case (stupid proprietary Apple “design elements”).

The Parallel Illusion - 2006-01-06 21:03:56Not that I need to be spending more time on the computer, last night I did a Task Force which lasted from about 9pm to… 4am. Then another one this afternoon that lasted about 4 hours or so. Both are very lucrative in terms of character advancement but they can take it out of you otherwise (and make your ass fall asleep). Fun but I was glad to take the break for dinner and Galactica and I might get online again tonight, because I’ve been good and filling up trash bags around the house.

Why is it everytime I’m watching TiVo, I forget that I can SKIP commercials, but when watcing live TV my finger itches to fast-forward?

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