Quantum wha–!?

It might not have quite the innuendo of For Your Eyes Only, or even the ooh matron oomph of Octopussy, but the title of the new James Bond film has finally been made public. And it is Quantum of Solace.

Uh… huh, ok. “Quantum of solace” means a small amount of comfort, so maybe considering where Casino Royale left off, it makes a bit of sense, but I think it might be time to stop trying to be faithful to Ian Fleming’s story titles. But just like any geek that disses newly released information about a movie, I’ll still go see it. 😉 In fact, this might go down as the geekiest and poetic Bond film title yet.

Of course there’s only a title and rough outline right now, I think, so I won’t get too fanboyish about it. I can hold out hope that Craig’s complete non-reluctance for a gay scene might make its way into the movie, even watered down. And that for some reason, however flimsy, Bond goes to a beach…

Because honestly, who couldn’t use a bit more of that on the big screen, hm? 😈

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  1. shindo says:

    Yeah, Quantum of Solace is a silly title. Skin time with Daniel Craig, however, is never silly.:)

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