Fierce like Gatorade!

Snippet from an IM session this morning with Michael:

MM: Gah, I wish I could find out more about this new blackberry
urb: Which one?
MM: the new blackberry storm that verizon is talking about putting out
urb: Ooooh.
urb: That sounds like a new flavor of Gatorade.

BlackBerry Storm? Yeah, it does and we have John McCain to thank for it all since he created the BlackBerry! More or less in the same way that Al Gore created the internet.

And really, was Gatorade trying to market itself as the electrolyte* drink of choice for the straight-acting–I mean masculine sports-playing homosexual? Or did no one tell them that queens everywhere already had a lock on that word. Fierce… dude? It just doesn’t roll off the tongue the same way.

But hey, at least it’s not the gayest marketed product aimed at straight men out there, I’m still putting forth the BOD body spray commercials for that one.

* It’s Got What Plants Crave!

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2 Responses

  1. kyle says:

    But isn’t BOD supposed to increase your ability to mate?!

  2. brian says:

    @kyle: You go and wear some for a week and let us know how it goes.

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