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Grace Park, Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff.  Photo by Danielle Levitt for GQ magazine

I love the smell of kitsch and PR in the morning! I had dinner with Moose last night and bad movies came up, as they always will, and while he and I are a bit at odds over whether Barbarella is a “bad” movie or not, we both love it. Of course a small discussion on the latest season of Battlestar Galactica also ensued and I am loving hearing people’s theories on just what the frak is going on.

GQ posted a great photo on their blog of Grace Park, Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff doing their best sexed-up space babes. Click through to see full sized, the outfits and props are great, but it also looks like a blend of a few 60s/70s genres. That could just as easily be an Original Series Star Trek set as it could a James Bond villain’s lair.

Sean Connery as Zed in Zardoz
It’s a gorgeous photo, but someone give me a call when a magazine decides to feature the men of Battlestar giving it their best Zardoz homages. Edward James Olmos need not apply… really, and they can skip the ponytails. However if Jamie Bamber wants to slip back into that fat-suit for a few photos, I really wouldn’t mind that. No one can wear one better than Amy Sedaris, but Bamber did make it look very convincing.

I’m glad BSG is back, it’s given me a reason to look forward to a tv night again. I suppose that could be seen as a good or a bad thing, but it was something missing from my routine. There is always the outside world, but when one is out in DC on a Friday night, one is usually blowing far too much money on food, drinks or other forms of entertainment. Plus it makes for a nice end to the work week. I can’t say that it’s relaxing as more than one episode has left me on edge after finishing it, but I’m a geek. Getting a regular weekly fix for my tv/sci-fi addiction is like a natural law.

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  1. William Mize says:

    Mmmmm. Grace Park.
    Yeah, I gots the fever.

    And just to prove how big of a dork I am, that shot is right out of “The Gamesters of Triskelion” episode, I’m thinking.

    You took it to Star Trek TOS, and I took it the rest of the way home with the episode.
    What a team!

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