Drinking More HD Kool-Aid

Against my better judgement, but in the face of really crappy HD DVR (not to mention customer service) from RCN, I bought an HD TiVo. They’re running a special that includes lifetime product service and it’s comparable to what I paid for my first unit so it’s not a bad deal exactly, but pricewise it’s still steep.

I just miss the little clicky noises and the thumbs up/down and the fact that if no one else knows me, my TiVo truly does… it must, right? Only it would know that while I’d deny it otherwise, I am happy to watch hours-long stretches of some of the most ghastly shows to ever make it onto the airwaves.

It arrives Friday, and I’ll have to sort it out and then hit up RCN to give me CableCard(s) and take their box back. Even though this seems like a simple operation, I’m sure they will make it a huge pain in the ass and tell me they’re out or that they can’t schedule an appointment to get them to me for months. If anyone’s had any experience with either RCN and CableCards, I’d appreciate any stories/advice.

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