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I am not selling out or anything, but I have added a little “ad” image to my sidebar. It’s for my friend William Mize, frequent blog commenter, good friend, amazing writer and just an all-around nice guy. He’s good people. The term that I most use for what he writes is Sci-Fi Noir, you might just as easily find it in the “Mystery” or “Science Fiction” sections of a store. His stuff has the perfect blend of elements of mystery and suspense while adding in characters that are both flawed and likable. I find myself reading as much for the plot as I do the interaction and growth of the main characters Denton and Monty.

I can’t recall exactly how I was introduced to his stuff, I think it was a friend of a friend of a friend, etc. on livejournal back in the day. I know that I read a sample and I was impressed at the excerpt and that he was self-publishing.

cover of Resurrection Angel by william mize

After following his journal for a bit and finding out that he was actually a pretty likable and personable guy, I plunked down the money for the book “Resurrection Angel”. I didn’t have a long commute then, so most of the reading was at home where I could fully relax and enjoy the text. And like one amazon reviewer said, “you’ll be hooked,” and I was. So many books these days are formulaic and you can see where plot threads are going early on, but “Angel” kept you guessing right along with the main characters. The way that it is written places the reader as much in the dark as the investigators, their frustration and disbelief is also yours.

I never liked book reports and therefore don’t think that I’m a very good book reviewer. I loved the book, still to quote LeVar Burton: “…you don’t have to take my word for it.” Take a look at some reviews for Resurrection Angel. Bill has written a second book, “Everlasting Life” and is working on a third, “Spear of Destiny”. If I had to choose my favorite so far, I’d go with “Everlasting” however “Angel” is most certainly a pre-requisite. Just like the Cylons or J. Michael Straczynski, he has a plan. The series will be a story-arc over 12 books, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Since the weekend is calling for rain and lots of it, I think it might be time to get reacquainted with Den and Monty. And it will give me a good reason to bug him about finishing up that third book!

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  1. William Mize says:

    Wow. Thank you so much, Brian. I truly appreciate it.

    “Spear..” is chugging along, ever so slowly, due to life, work, surgery, and plot and character issues. Fictional character issues, not my character issues. But one could make an argument that the two are permanently entwined.

    And being compared to both JMS and a Cylon, well that’s high praise indeed.

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