celebrity crush: Jamie Oliver

I don’t often get celebrity crushes. I can accept that a certain actor or actress is hot, but in my mind I think about how much work they have to do to stay that way and I admit that as I get older my crushes are much more about who I want to be with than get with. Past IMs will prove that if someone’s only good review of a show or movie is “and the guys are hot,” that I will ridicule them. 😉

But Jamie Oliver, for some reason… I just can’t get enough of him. Maybe it’s the accent, the cooking skills, his inability to stand still, his “boy next door” quality, I dunno. It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for white boys with an accent, but my TiVo is starting to buckle under the strain of storing his shows in HD. But I can’t stop watching when he gives great little “kitchen madness” moments like these:

[flv:jamie-o.flv 470 296]

I’ve only made pasta one time and I was more watching than helping, but maybe it’s time to look into a new gadget!

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  1. lacochran says:

    What’s hotter than a man who wants to cook for you? (Wacky accent or not. Although I gotta admit the way he says “oregano” gets my attention. 😆 )

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