in DC: *sniff* Is that… urine?

It’s bound to happen to us all if we live in a major metropolitan area. Most of the time we build up a scent-immunity to all the stuff around us so we don’t even notice all of the various fragrances the city can assault us with. Yesterday, however, I encountered the same distinct odor a few times and each time unexpectedly, so it broke through my normal barriers.

On the way home from work yesterday I was in a bit of a musical trance, just looking forward to getting home before it might rain again. I had my new copy of Mario Kart firmly in hand and the train was relatively empty. I heard the familiar sounds of “Excuse me Ma’am?” coming from down the train and prepared myself to say “No.” when I saw a woman who works with me moving quickly from behind me to get away from the guy. She’s developmentally disabled, so I figured he freaked her out because she couldn’t understand him or vice versa, but then he got nearer to me and it hit me. Dude did not look as cleaned up as the other morning and he reeked of urine… stale urine at that. I said no, the woman across the way said no and he made his way down the train. All 3 of us shared glances of mutual disgust and I told my co-worker that he’s clearly on this line a lot and to tell him no so he’ll move on. I need to write or call WMATA and see what to do about that kind of situation.

On the way home from metro I walked past the new condo building next to La Casa men’s shelter and there was the aroma yet again. This time not so surprising, but overpowering to the point where you could see it on other people’s faces as they walked past the alley both buildings share. Thankfully all that took was a quickening of the pace to get out of range but damn! It got to the point where when I got home, I thought I smelled it on the elevator and realized that I was just scent locked and that it was only cleaning fluid. Not the greatest of smells, but a much better replacement.

I got so caught up in cleaning and making snacks and drinks for my Battlestar Galactica viewing (JUMP!!) that I never got around to starting up Mario Kart. I did end up watching Legend of the Black Scorpion, a suggestion from a friend, and it was great. Felt a bit long, but as a Wuxia retelling of Hamlet, it did an amazing job and of course was absolutely gorgeous.

Also, I won tickets for my company’s executive box seating to see Ben Folds at Wolf Trap and I need to find 3 willing victims to go with me. The few people I’ve asked so far have said “Who?” so I’m going to have to either educate them or expand my search. 🙂

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3 Responses

  1. Brian says:

    Yes! Though a more recent favorite of mine is You to Thank. 😀

  2. William Mize says:

    Curse me for being in Florida!
    Would love to see Ben Folds. In box seats, even.
    I just bought a ticket to see Peter Murphy, at the Tampa Theater, 5th row, Center.
    And of course, no one around me knows who the hell he is.

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