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t-shirt design: I am the Eleventh Timelord

I’m sure I’m letting some part of my inner fanboy (also one of the new words in M-W’s Collegiate Dictionary) down. But putting this on a t-shirt, no matter how many colors its offered in, does not fall under my definition of “totally cool” as the google sponsored ad promised.

It kinda takes me back to high school, had a very nerdy friend (at times) David Dahl. He’d be considered a geek from the “old school” that prided himself on encyclopedic knowledge of a particular arena. In his case, Doctor Who. Not that new pretty Who these kids today watch, but the old school, every planet is the same rock quarry Who that was all we had in my day… and we liked it! Other highlights of being friends with him was that he once created loaded dice and tried to pass them off while playing D&D and at another point he stole my digital watch (which I still thought was a pretty neat idea) and after a brief disagreement, smashed it to bits… in full view of my other friends. The worst of this was that they let me look all over for it and wonder where I could have lost it for over a week before one of them told me what happened.

Ah, school days. Not that I’m in touch with any of those people anymore, not even through the many old classmate Facebook friend requests. Most of those come from people who I didn’t really hang out with all in high school, so it makes me wonder why they’d want to connect now. 😕

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5 Responses

  1. William Mize says:

    Nostalgia, pure and simple. To compare and contrast. I went to a 30th reunion last week and it was pretty much boring to tears. The cliques still existed, you talked and hung out with the same damn people and wanted to leave as soon as possible (like gym class).

    Also, there should come a point in a young man’s life when he stops wearing t-shirts that say anything.
    It’s like baseball caps, only different.
    I still have one or two shirts with witty nerdy sayings, political statements or some such in my closet, but I really think that they are something that one should grow out of. And not in a muffin top sort of way.

  2. kyle says:

    When I get nostalgic, it’s usually for the nineties, when I was in my thirties. The decades before that had their moments, but for the most part were generally awful times in my life. I only occasionally reach out to anyone from those first three decades. And for that matter, I even take my memories of the nineties cum grano salis.

  3. shindo says:

    Maybe I should remove my high school from Facebook. No doubt the reunion committee will be going though them and any other social networking website to find alumni.

    As for those friends and acquaintances from those bygone days, it sounds like a good thing they’re not in your life now.

  4. Brian says:

    I’ve gone through a lot of effort to control who adds me on those services and how much information they have access to, but connecting with my elem/high school classmates seemed like a good idea. But then I realized how few of these people I remembered or even wanted to remember. I mean if someone was an asshole to you in school, why the hell would you want to hear from them 10-20 years down the line?

    And @William Mize, you can have my clever t-shirts when you peel them off of my well-preserved corpse.

  5. William Mize says:

    Now, now, you know I have much love for you and your nerdish, threadless shirts.
    If I had the pecs and the abs to pull off t-shirts more, I would probably wear them more often.
    But then again, if I had the abs and pecs I wanted, I would have more t-shirts pulled off of me. More often.
    Something like that.

    Maybe you need to watch a few episodes of “Food Party” to cheer you up.

    Hello Friends and Lovers!

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