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One thing I do like about Dreamhost is their one-click installs and upgrades. They sent me an e-mail to let me know that WordPress 2.6 was available, I click a button to upgrade and they send another e-mail about 15 minutes later saying that it’s all done!

About the only thing that’s “broken” is my new Leopard Admin didn’t factor in the new notification for plugins that have updates available, so there’s a little floating number over my post entry window, but I’m sure that will sort itself out soon enough. Plus, they’ve made it a lot easier to delete plugins now and added a few other nifty items that I wasn’t really using before, but might try now.


It’s a good looking upgrade, with a lot of big and small features (a word count?), but for the most part it will take me a while before I’m really using the new features. I’d gotten so used to the quirks and things that didn’t always work as intended in previous releases that I’m hesitant to jump right in. But as RTS games and Beyoncé videos have shown, upgrades are always a good thing.

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