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I’m totally loving this site, The Periodic Table of Videos from the University of Nottingham. A short video about each element is available by clicking on the table or by checking out their YouTube profile. Lauren Cooper clearly needs no assistance, and the producers of Look Around You just might have gotten their elements a bit mixed up.

Star Trek teaser poster

I’ve seen the trailer for Watchmen and even having never read the book, it looks great. I plan to get through the series at some point this weekend.

Paramount will be giving out some promo posters for Star Trek at Comic Con, Entertainment Weekly has a sneak peek at them. The four combine into the larger image, but fans are only getting one-per. I don’t think the die-hards will have trouble getting a complete set. I’d like to be more excited about this movie but… *meh. It’s probably because I’ve read too many spoilers online about what is, isn’t and might be happening.

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6 Responses

  1. William Mize says:

    I have to be excited about the Trek movie, as it’s in my contract and in my DNA.
    But this weekend, it’s all about Batman.
    10am tomorrow morning.
    And you will LOVE The Watchmen graphic novel.
    Good stuff, Cleveland 😉

  2. kyle says:

    I grew up on Star Trek and loved it. But after the disastrous series Enterprise, I just wish they’d stop tinkering with the franchise. It’s like watching some five-year-old kids applying make-up to Michelangelo’s David…

  3. shindo says:

    I’ll keep you posted as I will be at Comic-Con.

  4. shindo says:

    added post-script:
    I want one of those posters!!!!!!

  5. William Mize says:

    Monday morning afterthought: You know what what was “meh”?
    The Dark Knight was “meh”.
    I know I am the only fan boy on the planet who thinks this, but there you go.
    Hellboy 2, on the other hand, was quite fun and enjoyable.

  1. July 21, 2008

    […] Dark Knight” (he would take me to task for not being excited about it) just this morning commented that it was… *meh. And I find myself agreeing with the sentiment that without Ledger’s death, there would be no […]

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