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Reason 14 - Schrodinger's Army

MightyGodKing has a wonderful entry on his blog titled “I Should Write The Legion [of Super-Heroes]” with additional follow-up entries and it’s clear that he’s a true fan. His articles are funny but make sense and make me hope that his turn comes sooner rather than later, Reason #14 is a particular favorite. I pretty much love the LSH and every comic book incarnation has been a solid one, even their most recent reboot. Their kids’ cartoon, on the other hand, was an utter disaster.

I was talking to James and Kris about cartoons on tv today and how there really isn’t anything that I enjoy all that much but I still watch what’s out there because it’s all we’ve got! What I truly miss is Justice League/Unlimited and moments like this are why:

[flv:speedforce.flv 488 366]

When I joke about having too much caffeine and tapping into the Speed Force, that is what I’m talking about. Dude ran around the world to hit him. Plus it was a very validating moment for The Flash. In JL and JLU he’d sort of been written off as the class clown. Someone with power, but not necessarily powerful. Plus, years of Superman movies, tv series and DC animated shows have pre-programmed me to really enjoy watching Lex Luthor (and Braniac) get a beatdown. :mrgreen:

The general flash in the pan success and then gradual failure or cancellation of any comic-book cartoon series created over the past few years leads me to think that people just need to stop trying. All they do is re-vamp them and market them to death until you get something like this, Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Seriously, just stop.

(unless you want to develop any comic series to be done by the JL/JLU team, then you may proceed)

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  1. shindo says:

    That’s some being wired! I want what the Flash is drinking.

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