bad day. bad day. bad day…

Yesterday was a bad day, not only did we not get enough snow + cold temps to cause roadways to be wonky and close down the government, but I woke up with a nasty migraine that kept me in bed til well past lunchtime. I still feel a bit worn out today and I pray my co-workers and other office mates won’t feel the need to be TOO chatty today. At times, the assumed familiarity we take from the workplace gets on my nerves. I have co-workers that I exchange e-mails with, share photos and links with, chat about stuff that’s fun and important to me with. That’s all well and good. But then I have *other* co-workers that don’t seem to realize all I’m saying is “Uh-huh.. uh-huh..” in response to them. I need a sign to wear, “Stay at least 5 feet back. Bites.”

I did get some cleaning up done in the kitchen yesterday. The drawbacks of cooking or even ordering out and using dishes to eat it. You can never get the kitchen CLEAN. Admittedly, I do have a 1/2-size dishwasher, but the sink always seems to be full with dishes on the waiting line to get into the washer, some of that is me being lazy when its time to go to bed and just rinsing off solid stuff so as not to attract bugs, but man, one baking project and my kitchen seems to shrink to 10 times its size. Then again, it ain’t huge to begin with.

I also played more City of Heroes yesterday afternoon. I did the Eden Trial. Trials and Task Forces are like extra-special missions that you run through with a group of heroes, they involve multiple fights and a bonus reward at the end in addition to the experience points. This one had amazing screens, it was one humongous cave with huge bridges, acid pools, all kinds of things. We finished it, got metric assloads of xp and got a special enhancement for one of your characters powers. I’m about 60% of the way to level 42 (that there is something about you…) now, I used one of the games freebies to rebuild my character’s powers from the ground up and now I’m more in demand as I can put force fields on people. After that was over I collected some arrests that I needed for three badges and headed to bed after a little Law and Order and some Charmed.

About midday the pain of the migraine started mixing in with a little bit of depression, so spending the day inside and puttering around seemed the right thing to do. I cooked and have leftovers, but naturally anytime I prepare for the next night’s dinner, a friend will want to do something, not like that’s a bad thing. So tonight will probably be steak, coffee and maybe drag kings. *fun*

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