satire: Say hi to Arkansas for me…

Moose showed this to me last night and much laughing ensued. I am still only peripherally keeping up with the political news but the latest news of the McCain and other GOP’ers saying “Leave Sarah Alone!!” (seriously, someone make a YouTube of that one) is just insane to me. She’s a political candidate, she’s put herself out there by accepting, that means she’s fair game for the media, media-bloggers, and my favorite, the media-satire-bloggers. From 23/6, McCain’s Voice Mail to Palin Leaked to Press:


Besides that, I also enjoyed this “hot mic” moment (with rough transcript) from commentators Peggy Noonan, Chuck Todd, and Mike Murphy on MSNBC. Noonan immediately responded to it with a column in the WSJ and I doubt there will be any real repercussions, but it makes me smile.

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  1. kyle says:

    This may have been one of the few times Noonan spoke the truth. I’m glad it was recorded.

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