Never let it be said that I’m ‘Clue’-less

Clue (Nostalgia Series edition)

About the only thing tempting me to come back to the office last week was this little gem waiting for me. I’d ordered it from Amazon before I planned my week off, but it was a nice gift to myself upon my return. Fredo already mentioned the impending changes to the game, and he even recently bought himself a great tee from Threadless–that I passed up ages ago and now that it’s down to $5 they’re out of my size!

My current space isn’t really big enough for a board game night, nor have I got a good table, or chairs or… well anything for hosting more than a few people over to do much more than play video games or watch tv. What can I say, my place is really suited to one person! And the groups that I used to enjoy game nights with would never play such pedestrian games as Clue or Monopoly or Sorry, but I can dream! Plus dig that retro style, this is not a Clue to be played with cheetos and mountain dew–this is one for martinis, bourbon, gin & tonic… hors d’oeuvres and canapés and little things on sticks.

I really wish they could come out with a Nostalgia version of Trouble, but that was Milton Bradley, not Parker Brothers. Still, I miss my Pop-A-Matic Bubble!

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  1. Esprix says:

    I should get that version – it looks very classy. For Christmas some local friends got me cheap-o versions of classic board games (Scrabble, Monopoly, etc.) just to keep around the house, and Clue was included, but I do like this version, too.

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