Just one week…

I thoroughly enjoyed splurging and stuffing myself this past week and weekend, but birthday time will be over soon and I’ll have to attempt to behave. I definitely defer to age in that my metabolism isn’t as good as it used to be and I defer to laziness and comfort that my discipline has been pretty lax lately.

I was having a slice with Fredo at Pete’s down the street–really good, btw–and I decided that I needed to pick a distinct unit of time over which I would try to be good and eat well for a start. If that works out all right, then see if I can go another and so on. So right now it’s one week, in that week I’m going to try for some balance: neither overeating nor severely undereating. I’ve allowed myself to get too comfortable with ordering delivery or take out when I have food in the house, I just have to remember to thaw it or be ready to prepare it when I get home. I used to really find a sort of zen in cooking that I’ve lost somewhere along the way. I won’t really be depriving myself of too many of my culinary pleasures, I’ll just be balancing them out is all.

I have an arch-nemesis now, it’s the number 200. No matter how good I am and how much I lose, I always end up gaining right back to 200 give or take a ½ pound. So I have to make an effort to consistently defeat 200 for longer than just a day or two. *shakes fist at the sky* Damn you 200!!!!

But I have a lot of options for good healthy food around me, between the grocery store, nearby farmers markets and even venturing down to Whole Foods, so it should be a good and easy week.

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  1. Man, I hear you. I’m not sitting here going GOD I AM SO FREAKIN OLD, but I can tell my metabolism is slowing down… and with the threat of “The Wedding Dress” looming, I have a year to get my butt in shape… but I just love my couch so much. 🙁

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