BSOD: the ghost of Windows past… today!

When you’ve been sitting at your desk for 20 minutes and a co-worker walks past and says, “Hey take your coat off and stay a while.” — It’s not going to be a good day.

This morning at home, after I’d edited a snippet of video for what was going to be the “morning blog entry,” I rebooted the machine as it had been a few days–BSOD. You know, the thing that they said you wouldn’t see anymore starting with Windows XP? I let the PC cool off and restart, same thing. I try to boot into Safe Mode, no success. I try to use Vista’s Startup Repair… BSOD again. Since I really had no time for this before work, I headed out the door, still sick, still tired, still with the blues and now very moody about my PC. Since the last crash, all of my files are easily recoverable, but it’s a pain in the ass. Especially with the long-ass reinstall times for my two favorite games. But that’s assuming I can’t get it back up and running. I’m currently downloading a system recovery disk and I’ll try to work with that when I get home after work.

At the office, aside from a few technical problems that had me checking and responding to e-mail before getting a chance to take off my coat, it seems that only now is management concerned about things they should have been checking on ages ago–or at least some of which a week ago when I informed them someone was quitting. It’s an unfortunate facet of the modern office that no one is concerned about keeping the status quo, checking in on things at regular intervals, etc. Things are only to be dealt with just as they’re about to explode and prior to that? They’re to be ignored. Yesterday, someone mentioned a possible job opening someplace else and for the first time in 5 years working here, I didn’t even hesitate to say “Send me the information.” I don’t want to leave this place high and dry as some others have when they’ve left… but right now, I do want to leave.

I’d squeeze one of those stress balls, if I had one. But I’m pretty sure it might explode. Is there a puppy spa in DC? You know, a place where you can go and play in a room full of puppies at an hourly rate? And if such a thing doesn’t yet exist… why not?!

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4 Responses

  1. Patrick says:

    I have fond memories of deciphering BSOD crash logs in Vista! And there’s a puppy spa in my apartment. The hourly rate is very reasonable. 🙂

  2. Stairz says:

    I know the feeling of wanting to leave a place. Had that feeling in May this year…a strong feeling might I add. However the way I reacted to the situation caused my friend to call me a stupid tactless person. I spoke about my intention of quitting before my contract expired…I was fired and not paid. Heehee. Stupid I know.

  3. Gilahi says:

    Be careful squeezing those stress balls. Sometimes it just makes matters worse.

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  4. Bill says:

    Ugh. I don’t think we’ll ever be free of the BSOD. According to ole MS, installing the latest Service Pack will deal with that (oh, sure!). Assuming you have a SATA HDD, you might want to try swapping the cable and/or the SATA port on the mainboard. Another thing to try (if you happen to have any RAM just lying around) is swapping out RAM and/or running a memtest. If your RAM doesn’t need to be installed in pairs, you can try booting with one at a time. Of course, you may have already done all of this and I may just be wasting our time with this comment. 😉 Oh well, I’m bored! Hope you get it sorted!

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