This is the last one, I swear… for a while

I admit to a t-shirt addiction problem and I’m stopping as of right now… maybe. But I saw this one come up in one of my t-shirt feeds and had to get it. I was introduced to the movie “Office Space” by an ex, fondly nicknamed Dumpasaurus (R)ex by a friend. It was around my birthday which at the time was also unfortunately right after I’d been laid off from my job. I don’t remember if he was trying to cheer me up from being laid off, or distract me from going back to my apartment where a very nice surprise party was being set up. But I did like the movie, especially Stephen Root as Milton. While I still think my workplace has more in common with Dilbert strips than “Office Space,” it’s a good cult film for a rainy day.

Yesterday really seemed to want to be in the crapper after I left the office. I never make official never again statements, but when it comes to Best Buy retail locations, I am very close. The lack of service and in some cases utter incompetence I experienced last night at two locations was both phenomenal and unbelievable. The details are far too ranty, but suffice to say they said they had something in stock and didn’t and took about 20-30 minutes in each store to find that out.

I miss computer stores, I mean real ones, not crappy one-stop-shops like Best Buy and Circuit City. About the only thing I miss about dating the guy in Fairfax was that he liked to go to Micro Center all the time. That store is to computer nerds what Office Depot/Staples or Home Depot is to others–all 3 types of stores give me happy tingles, actually. I won’t say that I’ve found the staff terribly knowledgeable all the time, but items were clearly marked with specs & prices and the best part? — No one’s trying to sell you a cell phone or a refrigerator or a car stereo or a cd or a Dyson. It’s just a store for computer-related stuff–heaven!

In the evening after the shopping debacle, the cable and internet went out. This wasn’t a huge deal since I can surf and chat using my iPhone and I had more than enough to keep me occupied, but it was a bit of a pain because while the iPhone can surf, it gets hot from that kind of use. Not uncomfortably hot in the hand, but warm enough to a degree that you can’t help but worry whether it’s ok. Others on twitter were reporting similar outages, so it wasn’t just me and in fact even some local DSL users said it was out, so it might have been something pretty big going on. So to quell the frustration of my day, I made some tea, watched a rerun or two and headed to bed early. It seemed the best option. 🙂

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  1. kyle says:

    Service in DC is so generally bad, I’m actually surprised when I get good service. I had problems yesterday trying to pay my cell phone bill at Union Station. Any my cable/interwebz went out last night, too. Right as the season finale of The Closer was revving up. (Perhaps this was a message from God to turn the damned thing off.)

  2. brian says:

    @kyle: If anything it might be a sign from God that we both need DirecTV. I still haven’t watched last week’s episode and much like The Onion said, I think I’m becoming desensitized to drama. I like the shows, but so much watching has made their formulaic nature far too evident.

  3. pyack says:

    Yes, get satellite so it can go out every time it rains.

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