on metro: Reverse Psychology?

Toys & TV vs Love & Attention

This could almost be viral marketing for the film What Would Jesus Buy?, except that it would be a little late. I saw this on the train this morning, stuck into a barrier near the train door. I would have snapped a photo of it then, but people can get so touchy about cameras, and the train was too bumpy for my phone to get a good shot–clearly I need the iPhone telescopic camera lens.

Unfortunately it can only pass for art or perhaps a little viral non-advice, since aside from the little Illuminati symbol on the card, there are no other identifying marks, URLs, anything. I hope I didn’t spoil someone’s ARG by swiping it! No one else on the train took any notice of it, of course, so I feel like I had my own little They Live moment this morning. And I am, in fact, all outta bubblegum.

But I do have my coffee, so no one has to get hurt… yet. 😈

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  1. kyle says:

    You are the Jedi master of pop culture trivia.

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