i’m gonna burst!

I’m just back from Rosa Mexicano, the office took me there for my birthday lunch. It was fantastic! Their guacamole should really be marked as an illegally addictive substance. I had wild mushroom quesadillas for my entree and I was skeptical but feeling like a change and they were delicious; a little heavy on the cheese, but still quite good.

Last night was the second date with “the missed connections guy” — we met at Halo for drinks and chatter and it was great. I believe 4 cosmos with no food is definitely my limit though, at least 4 from Victor (blond guy, huge arms) who believes, “the juice is just meant for a little color, right?” I think the alcohol was definitely helping us get a little more relaxed with each other, not that our first date was silent and stilted, but it just had a different energy, not quite a blind date, not quite a friend hookup, more a date via random means. Last night I think there was more “getting to know you” conversation. Naturally the last guy I dated was there (I think he sees it as his bar, which I could care less about) and as usual he didn’t notice me at all until he came up to the bar to get a drink right next to where we were sitting – at which point he gave me the “oh hi how are you?” nod (my back was to him) and apparently he was giving my date the hairy eyeball which I thought was hilarious, he’s such a drama queen. But enough about him, I think it’s been ages since I was on a date with someone where you really just talk. It was over drinks sure, but I feel like we got past the usual surface conversation and into that realm of I’d really like to get to know you.

We stumbled back to the metro at U St, and let me tell ya, it’s clear that I like someone when I’m going to walk with them to the train when I’m only one stop from home — it’s usually faster if I walk or get a bus. Still, this time it was worth it.. I had a great night and a nice ending to the evening that had me sportin’ a smile that lasted through to this morning. (get your minds out of the gutter)

Tonight will be The Fab Lounge with some friends for a few drinks and after that I don’t really know, maybe a meal or maybe just heading back home and sacking out on the couch. It’s been a hell of a fun week though. I think people should be allowed to declare at least 2 or 3 more weeks out of the year as “birthday weeks” – no presents, and they pay their own way, but they still get to arrange parties or group dinners and nights out for that whole week.

I definitely need to set aside a little time on Saturday for recovery!

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3 Responses

  1. Kyle says:

    My roommate always declares a birthday month. He believes he should be fêted throughout the month, and if no one steps up, he fêtes himself.

  2. Brian says:

    Right now I subscribe to the concept of “birthday time” which lasts from the first time someone says “Oh your birthday’s coming up? Well Happy Birthday!” or similar up until the last gift arrives, the last outing with friends takes place.. or until you feel as though you’ve had enough celebration!

  3. Rainy says:

    We do “Birthday Season” here. It is always over the weekend closest to your birthday. At the very least, it lasts from Friday through Sunday night, though it has been known to span a week or two, what with various social events.

    I require a Birthday Season because my birthday falls between Christmas and New Years (this sucks donkeys for wooden nickels, trust me) and people are generally just socially burnt out or out of town. Being able to do low key (or not so low key) stuff over a period of time insures proper celebration of the natal day. I never mind paying my own way, I don’t need gifts, but I want revelry around my natal day!

    Happy birthday season to you.

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