Karma queen or geek god?

Move over soccer moms, yuppies and metrosexuals. Karma queens and geek gods are among the new consumers shaping the marketplace, according to people focused on selling you more stuff you didn’t know you needed.

It’s a cute little article from the Reuters feed about a new book out that defines 9 types of consumers. This idea isn’t new, Best Buy was trying it in a few of their markets and many retail stores followed suit.

What’s great about this is someone over at Consumerist decided that since the list of consumer types reads like a description of D&D races, they would assign some character stats to them for teh funny.

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  1. shin says:

    I wonder if they’ll have a test like the Myers-Brigg so people can know exactly what consumer type they are. I can picture people having conversations (a la the Japanese blood type conversations of the 1990’s) where people say they’re Karma queens or geek gods.

    Somehow, relating personality to blood types sounds more appealing. It’s definitely more sanguine.

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