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Today was a hell day at the office. I went in earlier than usual to avoid the security delays resulting from a special visitor, so I feel like I’ve been in the office way longer than usual. Had a hell of a task to complete and learned a few lessons about managing people. Mainly that I’m too nice. It’s not that I’m worried about being hated as a manager, I’m just trying to get positive results with kindness and realizing that it doesn’t work.

Still, all the while I was there, I kept giggling to myself thinking about this bit of last Saturday’s SNL that I watched just before leaving the house:

[flv:dancers.flv 500 282]

If you haven’t seen the original video, it’s quite dance-y and actually a good 3 and a ½ minutes of cardio, if you can follow the steps. I am not ashamed to admit that I can, though when I started, I probably looked like the boys above, sans heels. I am proud to say that I will never look like this boy. Mainly because I eat, but also that I’m pretty internet shy when it comes to the videos. And… did he wash that outfit or run it through a wood chipper?

As funny as the sketch is, it reminds me why I don’t watch SNL more often. That deadness in the eyes when they’re barely looking at each other because they’re trying to read their lines or play to the camera maybe? I don’t know what it is, and I love me some Paul Rudd–who, I have to agree, made this one of the gayest SNL’s ever–but even he looks distant during the sketch.

Regardless, in my head for the rest of the week is going to be Justin Timberlake’s fey voice cooing, We’re the dancers… to Beyonce. :mrgreen:

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11 Responses

  1. ScottInTheOC says:

    Sometimes the “be kind to everyone” tactic towards your team doesn’t work. I have learned the hard way. It’s difficult to be a friend and also be their boss. Sometimes the price we pay for having the word manager in our title.

    latest entry: My Parents are Coming Home Soon

  2. Lindsay says:

    Have they made Justin Timberlake an official cast member yet?

  3. Joe says:

    😯 <–my exact expression while watching (more than once) that man dancing.

    BTW, my mom wants to know if you’ve cleaned your apartment.

    latest entry: Not your typical gay marriage blog post

  4. Esprix says:

    Both of those were FIERCE. 🙂

    latest entry: Now that’s some dancin’!

  5. Gilahi says:

    Terrific video. Sometimes their concepts don’t work. This one did. I sometimes wonder how they come up with this stuff.

    latest entry: Johnny Winter at The Birchmere

  6. brian says:

    @ScottInTheOC: True ’nuff, the problem is I was never their friend, so I don’t know why I’m trying to be one now. I do feel as if I come down harshly on them, that they may sulk and not work at all. I dunno, it’s just my job ’til February.

    @Lindsay: Has he been on many other times after “Dick in a Box?” His routine on the Weekend Update segment was pretty good too.

    @Joe: Ah, your mom. The woman without whom I would have no alternative meaning to the phrase “yardwork.” 😛

    @Esprix: Fierce like Gatorade? 😉

    @Gilahi: I’m not very impressed with Beyonce’s new album, but her video directors keep reaching back in time for their concepts. The “Single Ladies” video is an homage to a YouTube vid that went viral, Gwen Verdon performing a routine by Fosse. And her “Get Me Bodied” video was inspired by another Fosse routine from “Sweet Charity”.

  7. sean808080 says:

    this skit was hot. i loved how justin was all about being a DANCER and showing his bod off in all sorts of yoga poses. he and paul rudd can do comedy sketches over here anytime. haha

    latest entry: My Hypochondriac’s Wheel of Maladies: A gift from a dear friend

  8. samantha says:

    i am impressed… good work. 🙂

  9. Sara says:

    I love this video, I can’t stop watching it!! I’d like to put it on myspace….
    Is amazing to see Justin in that way… so femenin!!jajjaja

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