Well, I suppose I really should be working…

Access Denied!

Ok, no more DC Metblogs at the office, or any number of other blogs or sites I regularly check through Google Reader. I’m amazed mine escaped scrutiny but I guess I’m not on a list yet. I remember when this happened while I was working at EPA and it seemed to be resolved fairly quickly — it was my site that got blocked, but apparently tons of other complaints came in as well so they backtracked on it.

All it really means is that people will have to find something else to do to look busy throughout the day. There’s work, obviously, but there are times when the soul-sucking joylessness completely takes over and you just need a little something to keep yourself going. Oooh, DCist isn’t blocked — we’re back in the game! 🙂

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  1. Kris says:

    That sucks. I’ve been living with no gmail(or any web mail) at work for some time now; the client I’m working for filters it out. Still, no blogs?!?

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