in DC: “I am a politician who is moral.”

I thought it would be enough to post this to Facebook, but I’m still shaking my head and laughing this morning. About 150 people rallied in Freedom Plaza outside D.C.’s City Hall to denounce support for same-sex marriage in the District. Before I even get to the articles/quotes, 150 people. That’s about the same number that showed up for the IMF/World Bank protests* and less, I think, than the number of people who were attending the Pillow Fights on the Mall and in Dupont Circle. Organizer Bishop Harry Jackson Jr. had predicted about 1,000 church members and 100 pastors would show up. Hm, maybe they were scared off by the heat.

Protesters held signs denouncing recent D.C. Council action that would recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states. (Sommer Mathis)

Some choice quotes from Jackson:

  • “There’s a sense that the latte-drinking crowd is doing an end run around the regular people.”
  • “I would rather be religiously courageous than politically correct.”

Mayor Fenty:

  • “I don’t agree with them.”
  • “[District residents] don’t have enough time in the day to discriminate or worry about someone else.”

But the best of all comes from former mayor Marion Barry, now a D.C. council member:

Council member Marion Barry (D-Ward 8), a co-sponsor of the council bill to recognize same-sex marriages performed elsewhere, told the rally that he now opposes the bill. He later described his position as “evolving.”

Per DCist, he was not present for the council session where the bill passed unanimously in a preliminary vote.

“If I had been, I would have voted ‘no,'” Barry added. “I am a politician who is moral.”

* When Kyle and I were walking downtown on Sunday, we saw many cops looking bored off their asses. The chanting and sign-waving group we saw barely filled the park they were in.

WaPo: Same-Sex Marriage ‘Armageddon’ in D.C.?
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5 Responses

  1. mazzie says:

    I heard some coverage on WAMU this morning. Hearing the gathered crowd of ministers ans church folk singing hyms in front of what is esentially DC’s city hall really hit home how much people just dont get it.

  2. Kyle says:

    Some people are just so flawed, you’re glad they aren’t for you. I’m glad Barry is against gay marriage; having him be for it would make the pro-gay marriage side look bad. I just wish we could get Perez Hilton to switch sides.

    latest entry: more heat than light?

  3. Esprix says:

    Marion WHO saying he’s WHAT now?!?!?!?! 😯

    latest entry: Bleh

  4. shindo says:

    Sigh! As if Barry is a good judge of what’s moral. This is the same guy the whole nation knew was a crackhead way back when he was the mayor of D.C. I guess somehow doing drugs is ok for the Good Lord, but two men or two women getting hitched will bring on the Apocalypse (and the NOM video is so bad it’s funny).

  5. Herb says:


    please, please can we get this train wreck to retire?

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