Urbana offering Free Lunch on April 1

Eventually places will realize that April 1 is more than just the beginning of a prime Spring month and catch on to the natural skepticism surrounding April Fools Day, but until then Urbana’s taking advantage of it…

Urbana logo

Urbana Restaurant and Wine Bar (2121 P Street NW, in the Hotel Palomar) presents their “Only Fools Fall In Love” lunch giveaway for the first 300 customers starting at 11:30 on April 1st. The free bagged lunch includes their new pulled pork parmesan sandwich made with braised pork shoulder, bolognese sauce, mozzarella, and radicchio. Comes with a pickle, chocolate chip cookie, and bottled water.

I don’t work near enough to take advantage of this, and I don’t know if they take lunch reservations, but this may be a line-up, first-served type of deal. Still, it looks to be in the high 70s tomorrow which makes for a perfect day to take your lunch outside!

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