mother’s day: the perfect gift

4/26/09 14:49

I… might have to head downtown and grab this t-shirt for my mom. I don’t think I could get it there for Mother’s Day, but the better late than never might apply in this instance. She’s offered to help me move, when it happens, and I think that as an alternative Mother’s Day gift I’ll tell her that she doesn’t have to help me. Most people would consider that a gift, right? :mrgreen:

Anyway, back to packing. Man it’s amazing just how much your brain power and perception seem to increase when packing for a move. With one glance at any object, I can easily recall: how long I’ve had it, how many times I’ve used it and just how little I’d miss it if I tossed it out or gave it away. That’s probably quite normal, but it’s definitely at odds with my natural pack rat tendencies.

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