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Light After the Storm

So… how about that Friday? Nah, forget that, OMG Saturday guys! If you wanted to know what had a worldwide mandate, it became pretty darn clear. Also, someone needs to plan a house for wayward boys when events like this roll around.


mother’s day: the perfect gift

I… might have to head downtown and grab this t-shirt for my mom. I don’t think I could get it there for Mother’s Day, but the better late than never might apply in this instance. She’s offered to help me...


photography: capturing the moment

This will be my last post regarding the Inauguration, I promise. I’m already feeling the information overload and starting to turn back into “non-political Brian.” This panoramic photograph, however, is absolutely amazing. David Bergman took this photo, the file measuring...


inauguration: balls!

That was indeed one of the high points of watching the tube on Tuesday night, seeing Anderson Cooper deftly and coolly say ‘Balls’ about three times per sentence. I suppose the word comes out as easily as it goes in…...


44: a very nice number indeed!

The Big Picture from The Boston Globe has some amazing photos from Washington DC and around the world during yesterday’s Inaugural events. The satellite photo is incredible, of course, but it was the above image that appealed to me. Just...


video: our many understandings

I had a lot to do yesterday, so I didn’t turn on the web stream of the We Are One concert until near when it was finished because I knew I’d be glued to the couch. I did not realize...


chores: clean, clean, clean. repeat.

I suppose it’s a good thing that my apartment is barely recognizable. I’m seeing more floor space and more gleaming surfaces than I have in a long time. I make no excuses for it, but being busy and lazy tends...


DC: gird your loins!*

Are you ready for some Inauguration!? I do wish I’d known about the parade rehearsal as that would have been interesting to see and about as close as I wish to get to any of that nonsense. Though apparently even...