I am shocked. Shocked, I tell you!

"Another stiff in the john!"

This is about the extent of how I feel about this story about Mark Foley and his indiscretions. For anyone that didn’t have HBO in the 80s or basic cable since then, the capture above is from “9 to 5”. The 3 protagonists have done something pretty horrible and we’re shown how they feel about it and then in the above scene we see it from a different perspective, someone who deals with it all the time and to whom it’s pretty much normal and expected. The line of the character is, “We got another stiff in the john!”

And that’s my opinion on Foley. Oh my, an older man that has refused to respond to questions of his sexual orientation that likes to develop a friendship with younger (presumably) attractive men. Goodness me, that sounds like oh.. a good percentage of the older gay men I know. They’re just smart enough to hit on, I mean develop a friendship with men above the legal limit. Oh, he’s a congressman? Oh dear, we’ve got a gay congressman, someone call… Barney Frank.

Otherwise, weekend was very good, I’m loving the weather, but I need to go shopping for new jackets and coats. Who’s up for a shopping trip?

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