reality tv: shared responsibilities

Please remember, you helped this. For every person you didn’t ask WHY?! and pester that train wrecks are, in fact, in no way fun to watch. For each time you haven’t written advertisers to pull out of reality shows or written networks to stop following people around with cameras and a team of skilled editors and calling it television

Jon Gosselin doing a PR appearance for a milkshake place

Go on, look into the dead eyes of Jon Gosselin and tell me that from now on you can stand idly by while we lose intelligent dramas, hilarious comedies and engaging soap/space operas to the cheaper-to-produce world of reality tv. Why Americans will complain about outsourcing, yet can’t stop watching “The Real Housewives of…” is beyond me. 🙄

Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images. Story behind the photo here. :mrgreen:

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