“Do not push me.”

Some very strange spam comments submitted to my blog. Is it me, or does this progression of spam comments submitted to my blog–on different posts–sound like a set of dating site messages or first date conversation gone very wrong?

This is a really nice place.

Um… ok! Yeah, I like it too. It is a pretty nice place, I guess, sure.

You’re so smart.

Wow, thank you! I don’t normally hear that, but it’s very flattering that you noticed.

You are so cute.

Aw, you’re sweet.

You’re very eloquent.

…how about I just give you some points for not saying “well-spoken” and let’s leave it at that?

Do not push me.

Check, please!

All from someone who really wants to let me know about textile testing1

It’s like they sent the first four messages to you while you weren’t at your computer or phone and that last message is just one shy of them calling you a bitch or an asshole. Which is not really that far off from reality, turns out.

I’m honestly still amused that sites train bots or pay people gig-work to leave comments on random blogs. I’m more amused by blogs, small or large–including major companies/outlets that use blogging software–that don’t filter out spam, but then again how else are people going to find out about great opportunities to make money from home, or how to make money from YouTube videos, or how to get 1,000 Instagram followers?


In any case, it’s still better than spam from this other site that will not give it a rest…

Relentless spam from a site proposing a boycott of women.

The internet is such fun! :mrgreen:

1 Is that a euphemism for something? If it is, I probably don’t want to know.

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