Why food, of all things?

So why, after more than 10 years of blogging at various sites and domains have I decided to create a spin-off for food? Easy answer: Why not?

The results of a recent trip to the farmers market

Seriously though, with all of the geeky things I do in life, it has always seemed odd–especially to my family–why food seemed to emerge as and eventually match many of my other hobbies in terms of importance. When I was a kid, my main concern was that we never ran out of peanut butter and jelly, but the potato chips always had to be Lay’s. In high school, I took cues from my mother who–bless her–wasn’t always the greatest cook. She has her standards, and some items she excels at, many things picked up from her mother, but realistically she had the “working mother/wife” role, so churning out 5-star meals wasn’t high on her list of priorities. When I went to college, I was all about Top Ramen at first, but slowly started to notice other things in the store–canned items, mostly, but it was a start. My roommates were most impressed when I added real shredded cheese to the blue box Kraft mix.

I can’t really say when the food bug bit me after college, but before I tackled proper recipes, most of the dishes were just applied knowledge of what goes with what. Not a very impressive statement for someone who’s “top dish” at that point was oatmeal, but you have to start somewhere. Along the way I tried more things, usually just for myself, though I noticed that everyone loves baked goods! Many people say that once they realize they can make bacon at home, there’s no need to leave the house again. For me that food item would be cheesecake. Well… steak too. In any case, enough about my cooking history. If you’ve read my other blog, you know that my cooking experiments have their measures of success and failure, but they’re all fun.

That’s what I’m hoping you’ll most find here: an appreciation of the fun of cooking, the joy that we all find in food, pictures and reviews of my food and that of others, and you might just learn something along the way!

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