ads: Oh no…!

Just a quickie to give people a smile leading into the weekend. I’ve been giggling at this commercial ever since it started airing. It’s one of the few ads that I don’t skip past when it comes on:

[flv:pothole.flv 500 314]

My friend has made it even worse as he’s gotten me repeating this commercial, but replacing the word tire with whatever comes to mind. “Oh no… your [INSERT WORD HERE] is all flat and junk!” It’s one of those things that shouldn’t be nearly as funny as it is, but I don’t care. It brings me teh funneh.

To my deaf and hard of hearing readers, I’ve been searching for a WordPress video plugin that allows you to add captions and looks good in an RSS feed–I’m open to suggestions. Until then, I’ve posted a captioned version over at YouTube. :mrgreen:

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5 Responses

  1. Kris says:

    Great, now this is going to be in my dreams.

  2. I don’t which is more disturbing: a talking pot hole or the fact that the accent is a combination of California Valley Girl and Southern Debutante.
    .-= latest entry: When My Brother Emails Me… =-.

  3. Kyle says:

    Yeah, I don’t skip over this one either, and usually I find myself saying the words along with Miss Southern Pothole. Especially when she drawls out that long “So…” towards the end. Having lived part of my life in central South Carolina, visualizing a Southern Belle Pothole is especially delicious.
    .-= latest entry: Coffee, Books, Music: Bliss =-.

  4. wesley says:

    I skip ads as well, but for some reason this one is great. I love the “I’ll call ya a wrecker” part the best.

  5. Shaw Girl says:

    I love this commercial because it sounds JUST like my favorite high school teacher. She used to call us all “honey” and she wore a beehive. A beehive!
    .-= latest entry: Founding Farmers? A Closer Look… =-.

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