twitter: naming the storm

Fox 5 News shows popular Twitter tags for the DC snowstorm

Anytime a major event takes place either locally or globally, twitter users will create hashtags so they can contribute their updates to a growing mass conversation. As I mentioned before, DC users love coming up with nicknames for our winter storms, usually catastrophe-based because of the panic and insanity that takes people over. Well it looks like this time around, the mainstream media was looking to those twitter users to help make their (fluff?) stories for them.

The Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang held a poll to declare not just the unofficial name, but also the hashtag for the storm. Keyser Snöwze is winning points with me. The image for this post was taken while watching tonight’s local Fox affiliate’s news broadcast:

Unfortunately, my good friend mazzie came up with a great hashtag, #snowlyshit which was declared acceptable, but obviously a little too strong for the MSM to repeat.

Looks like a lot of people will still be heading to the office tomorrow morning, but we’ll see what happens once the snow starts to fall! :mrgreen:

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